23 September


It's that time of year again to hang up the lanterns and feast on mooncakes and fresh fruit.

Yes, it’s Mid-Autumn Festival in just a few days and that means mooncakes, mooncakes, and more mooncakes! But even though we love our mooncakes they can be a “moment on our lips and a lifetime on our hips”! So, this Sunday, let’s share the mooncakes around and the calories too :)

It’s going to be a fun and festive day at church with an empowering message and a special worship item. Invite your friends and family and of course don’t forget to BYO mooncakes.

We look forward to celebrating the season with you! 



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Let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity; not laying again the foundations…


God’s plan and purpose for your life is that you grow in Christ and go on to maturity.

This is the “order of life.”  Just imagine if a baby remained a baby and didn’t grow into a toddler, a young child, teenager, and adult… you would think that something is seriously wrong.  Just say you planted a tiny oak seed but it never grew more than a few inches out of the ground.  Once again, you would think something is seriously wrong.

It is the same when it comes to our spiritual lives.

If a Believer is not going on to maturity, something is not right and Hebrews 6:1 diagnoses the root cause - it all comes back to what Foundation you are building upon.

The book of Hebrews identifies foundational truths that every Believer needs to build their Christian life upon to go on to maturity. Every one of them begins with “LET US”!

God is telling you something extra here - He doesn’t just want you to go on to maturity, He is revealing you cannot go on to maturity alone. You need to do this together with other likeminded fellow believers.

In this six-week series, Pastor Wayne and Mary will share all of these foundational truths identified in the book of Hebrews that will "let us" all go on to maturity.

You will love this series - everyone welcome!


CURRENT c3kids message SERIES




Fruitalicious will introduce our young people to the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and unpackage what each of them means.

The premise of this series is that apart from God, we can do nothing, and so He has given us the Holy Spirit to help us live a fruitful life. We’re praying that our children will encounter God's love and feel empowered to live a fruitful life, walking with the Holy Spirit each day to refresh them and guide them.


"How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven." (Genesis 28:17) 

At the core of C3 Church Hong Kong is a passion and mandate to connect people to Jesus Christ and see them live their Best Life. We believe this is best done through the House of God, the local church. As people plant themselves in the House of God, we believe their lives will flourish and become fruitful (Psalm 92:12-14). Our vision is to build a legacy of transformed lives and to see salvation in our city become a reality. 

This year our dream is to lease our own facility ‘a place to call home’ and we believe we have the resource and capacity within C3 Church Hong Kong to do so.  Investing into our own leased facility will enable us to:

  • Hold multiple church services;

  • Hold Leadership, Training and C3 College courses to equip people;

  • Have a dedicated Worship, Arts and Creative Center

  • Have a place to host Connect Groups

  • Have a place to hold Discipleship Training

  • Have a place for our C3 Office and Administration

Together we can commit to this dream and see the vision become a reality.  This is the House of God.  This is your House. Together we are Vision Builders!


What is Vision Builders?

  • Vision Builders is the way in which we can all contribute towards the financing of our own leased facility for C3 Church Hong Kong.

How can you be a part of Vision Builders 2018?

  • Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you, based on wisdom, prayer and faith. Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice, not equal giving.

  • Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders commitment envelope available on Sunday, April 2. Alternatively, you can obtain a commitment envelope at any time after this date from the Information Desk.

Choose your method of fulfillment

  • One-off gift: Give a one-off gift any time throughout the year.

  • Regular Payment: Make a regular monthly contribution to fulfill your commitment.

  • Direct Bank Transfer: This can be organised through your bank who can arrange a regular transfer that occurs automatically to fulfill your commitment.

Can I give to Vision Builders instead of Tithing?

  • Vision Builders should be seen as giving ‘over and above’ the Tithe. If you are not yet tithing then we would encourage you to prioritize the Tithe first.

I am new to church, should I be giving to Vision Builders?

  • There is no pressure for anyone to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. New people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who finds that our vision resonates with them.

Do you need my details? I wish to remain anonymous

  • You may remain anonymous if you wish and all details of your giving will be kept confidential. However, to claim tax deductibility for your giving we will need your name and address details.

C3 Church Hong Kong is a charitable institution and is exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.  Donations by Hong Kong residents to C3 Church Hong Kong are deductible.

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