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Every believer needs to know and understand the real power and purpose of the tithe.

It’s a powerful kingdom practice that points to an eternal kingdom principle that God must be first.

The devil’s power is in ‘deception’ – that’s how he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden saying something that sounded right, but in fact, was a lie. And that’s how the devil has deceived the church about the tithe – that it's no longer applicable today, it’s Old Testament, it’s the Law of Moses. It sounds right, but in fact, it's a lie!

In this book, Pastor Wayne Simpson dissects this deception of the devil, and his teaching tackles all those lingering doubts and confusion. It will bring you a rest and a freedom to tithe out of faith, generosity and your heart’s desire to put God first in your life.

How can I get my own copy?

God First is available in three languages - English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. We offer both e-book and paperback versions for you to read it anywhere and anytime. 

  • Kindle (English only) version available - USD4.99 - Click here to purchase
  • Paperback (all three languages available - HKD50) - Copies available for purchase by emailing accounts@c3church.hk or on Sundays at or church Resources Desk