John 19:2 And the soldiers twisted a crown of thorns and put it on His head…  

I'll link this scripture to today's devotion shortly, but if hard work is the formula for prosperity and success, then everyone who works hard should be prosperous and successful. But this is certainly not the case. Many people who work very hard are still in lack!  
I am not advocating laziness. What I am saying is that working hard by the sweat of your brow is not what God is promising in Joshua 1:8 - that you will be prosperous and walk in good success. If you have to work overtime regularly and are constantly stressed out, you are probably operating under what the Bible calls "the curse."  
What curse is that? It is this curse in Genesis 3:19: "In the sweat of your face, you shall eat bread…" And what this verse is relating to is the stress, struggle, and anxieties that come with working hard and yet producing little - something even today in the 21st Century many people are very familiar with. 
Now work, in and of itself is not a curse - we are designed and engineered to work, and through our work, we see the Lord's prosperity and good success coming into our life. When God put Adam in the garden before humanity's fall and corrupted state, God commanded him to work the garden. It was only after he sinned that the land was cursed and it brought forth thorns, and man had to toil to eat of it. (Genesis 3:17-18)  
But the good news for every Believer today is Jesus wore the "thorns" on His head to show you that He has borne this curse and redeemed you from it. He wore the crown of thorns so that you can work stress-free and get good results. You don't have to be worried and stressed out day and night like the people of the world, just to get ahead in life. Your Heavenly Father can get you there without the worries and stress. (Matthew 6:31-33)  
Every curse that was supposed to fall on your head fell on Jesus' head, typified by the crown of thorns. He wore the crown of thorns for you so that you can have peace of mind.  
Today, don't labor and toil like the world. Instead, expect to see the blessings of God coming into your life without blood, sweat, and tears because Jesus wore the crown of thorns for you! 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Your Heavenly Father can get you ahead in life without the toil and stress of the world.