Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

Humility is the pathway towards happiness.

The Bible says, “pride goes before a fall or self-destruction” – but if you are always humble, you won’t stumble and take that tumble!

In some Christian circles, humility is misunderstood – it is not self-depreciation or self-degradation.  It’s not belittling yourself by thinking “less” of yourself, it’s just thinking of yourself… “less.”   You can have a very healthy self-esteem, yet not always be thinking about yourself and your needs. In fact, when you think of yourself less, you can them think of other people more. 

As a follower of Jesus, we need to take the humility test, regularly.  How do we do that? Well, when you walk into a room, what do you think about?

  • Is it – I wonder what everyone thinks about me… my hair, clothes, my look?  This is called being prideful (it’s vain conceit)
  • Or do you think – How can I help these people…? This is called being humble.

Humility comes to serve; pride comes to be served.

God makes many promises in the Bible about the humble, more than any other Christ-like quality (except for generosity).  Humility will attract God’s presence, peace, power, prosperity and God’s honor in your life.  But pride doesn’t attract anything from God; in fact, it repels you from Him!

James 4:6God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

God hates ego, pride, conceit, and vanity.  One thing you do not want to carry around in your heart is pride; it will prevent the grace of God from working in your life. Even salvation.  To receive Christ, you first have to humble yourself before God, to accept the grace of God.  Pride is the main reason why people do not receive Christ.  Pride is what sends people to hell!

Parents, pride can make its way into your children at a very early stage in their life. When they are toddlers, bring correction very quickly, so pride and selfishness don’t grip their heart.

But you also need to look at yourself.  Maybe you have grown up in a household or culture where selfishness and pride are normal.  What are some of the symptoms of pride?

  • Passively aggressive and resistant to generosity and giving
  • Resistance to serving and giving your time
  • Difficulty in listening and attending to the needs of others
  • Always wanting others to focus their time and help on you

To develop the humble spirit of Christ, one must practice the habits of Christ. 

You cannot do this through self-will.  It comes by hearing and accepting Christ’s word on a regular and consistent basis.  It’s not just hearing, but it’s accepting in your heart what you hear.  That’s what you will then act out in your life. 

The consistent hearing, accepting and acting upon the word of Christ is what develops the habits of Christ in your life.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Hearing, Accepting and Acting out the Word develops the habits of Christ, like humility.