Philippians 2:4 …not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

We live in an ‘ADHD’ world – that’s “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.”  It’s a disorder that means a person is either inattentive, impulsive or a combination of both.  It is commonly diagnosed in children but I think our entire culture today is part of the problem.

We live in a culture where people are more attentive to their devices than they are to others.  In Hong Kong I see couples dating, and they are not attentive to one another.  Instead, they are sipping their lattes with eyes fixed to their iPhones or iPads! 

Once, when my hands were full, I needed assistance opening a door.  I saw a woman coming out of the lift and thought ‘yes, rescued,’ she might be able to hold the door open for me as I walk through.  But she was fixated on her iPhone.  She opened the door, walked on and didn’t even see me.  I could have been dying and she would not have noticed!

The overuse of technology and tools can make you become increasingly self-centered.  If you use social media, it’s not too hard to begin basing your sense of worth on how many ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ you get.  Our devices can train us to pay less attention to others and more attention to ourselves.

Even in church, people don’t set boundaries like putting their phones and devices on hold for the duration of the service.  During worship, they can be distracted by notifications or texts.  Worse, during the message they might be texting or reading emails.  This not only dishonors your pastor, it dishonors your God. 

Our ADHD culture not only disconnects you with people, it disconnects you with God if you allow it to dominate your life.  Here are just two reasons why:

You become more Inattentive through being:

  • Easily distracted – when in prayer, reading bible, at connect or church
  • Forgetful – because you are easily distracted, you quickly forget scripture and truth being taught
  • Unable to listen to a speaker and apply truth to your own life

You become more Impulsive through:

  • Poor listening – your mind actively thinks about trivia or to do lists
  • Impatience – easily irritated when being still and quiet
  • Inconsistency – find it difficult to commit to things

To become a person that connects well with other people and with God, learn to become more attentive and less impulsive.  Schedule some time every day where you stop and give God your full time and attention.  Establish boundaries where other family members cannot interrupt you during this time.  Finally, commit to God to always be in church.

These simple habits will radically transform your life improving your relationships, bringing happiness, both with other people and with God.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Schedule time and build boundaries into your life with God, so you give Him your full attention.