Philippians 2:12 …continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.

This is not only one of the key verses in the book of Philippians, but the entire Bible!  It is one to underline, memorize and declare over your life!

The two key phrases are: “Continue to work out” and “God who works in.”  What it’s saying is: 

“What God ‘works in,’ you need to ‘work out.’ 

Christianity only works when you put it into practice. The power of God on earth comes through the work of His Word and His Spirit. You have the Holy Spirit within you, who acts on one thing only – God’s Word. So, once you also get God’s Word in your heart, God’s power goes to work in your life as you “put the Word into practice.”

Your work is to hear, accept and do God’s Word. This is called faith – it’s not a lot of hard work, it’s just believing and acting upon that belief. God’s work then does the rest! And you do not need to worry, carry fear or stress in life because God is at work “in you,” He is “with you” and He is “for you.” 

Let me show you this in scripture.

1. Philippians 2:12 says, for it is God who works in you

That word “work” is the Greek word “energeo,” and it means God’s energy is at work within you. It’s not your energy, but God’s. And the way to release this energy into your life is by just believing that God is at work within you – it’s by faith. You don’t believe when only good things are happening, it is believing even when you are going through tough times. In fact, the only way to develop strong faith is to trust, prioritize and believe God through tough times.

2. John 14:19-20 says I will be with you… and you will realize you are in me and I am in you!

Here, Jesus makes an eternal promise that He will be with you. Do you know when He fulfilled this promise? It’s when the Holy Spirit was given.  Jesus says God will give you “another advocate” (John 14:15). These two words are important to you because they mean:

  • “another” – the Greek word is “allos,” which means ‘another of the same kind’. The Holy Spirit is another of the same kind of Jesus.  He will do for you, personally, what Jesus did on earth.
  • “advocate” – the Greek word “parakletos,” meaning one called to come alongside to help, comfort, defend, teach and testify.

3. Romans 8:31 says If God is FOR US, who can defeat us?

If the CEO or President of your company said to you “I am for you,” how confident and secure would that make you feel? Well the God of the Universe is saying that to you! He is much greater, stronger and more powerful than anyone or anything. So believe this.

What God is saying to you in Scripture is He is ‘in you,’ ‘with you’ and ‘for you.’  He is saying there is no need to fear, to worry, to panic and to try to live this life your way, stressing and striving – just carry a simple ‘child-like’ faith every day.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


God says, “I am in you, with you and for you.”