Philippians 2:15 (NLT) Hold tightly to the word of life…

Do you find yourself regularly forgetful about God’s promises? When you’re in church and you hear the promises of God rolling off your pastor’s tongue, they sound so easy.

But the number one reason why a Christian is not walking in the promises of God is that they keep forgetting those promises. Here is what you need to understand:

  • If God’s promises are not on your mind, something else will be.
  • If that something else is not God’s Word, often it is worry.

Worry is the number one reason why a person carries fear in their heart.  Fear is a learned response. You were not born with a fearful and timid spirit. Fear comes through worry.

Now if you know how to worry, then you know how to meditate.

Bible meditation is thinking and talking to yourself over and over. In the Old Testament, this is how they memorized the first five books of the Bible – it was through meditation. They would repeatedly rehearse by reading out loud the scripture. This is the best way to read the Bible. Read it out loud so you can hear yourself. That’s what produces faith in your heart.

As you meditate the scriptures, God is becoming bigger and bigger; faith is growing stronger and stronger. And it is exactly the same when it comes to worrying. When you worry, you think about and talk to yourself about something over and over. That problem might not be changing at all, but in your mind, it is getting bigger and bigger. Fear is becoming stronger and stronger.

If you are a person who persistently worries and is fearful, that’s how you became that person. Now you can also become a person who does not worry and is not fearful.

How? By meditating regularly on God’s Word. “Oh that’s too hard, I don’t have time to do all that!” Well be fearful and worry for the rest of your life. But if you want to change, the key is to “Hold tightly to the word of life…”

How? Hold up your hand and look at it – five fingers and a palm right?  Look at what your hand represents:

  • Hear – Listen to the preaching of Gods Word
  • Read – Read the Bible out loud to yourself
  • Memorize – Memorize key promises
  • Meditate / Speak - the promises regularly over your life   
  • Study – Study verses, passages or books of the Bible
  • Do it  - Put the Word into practice

All some Christians do is “hear” the Word, and they wonder why nothing happens. But when you “take hold” of God’s Word, by hearing, reading, meditating and especially doing it, that’s when it begins to “take hold” of you by transforming your life.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Take hold of the Word of life.