Philippians 2:22 (NLT) But you know that Timothy has proved himself, because as a son with his father he has served with me in the work of the gospel.

Proverbs 13:15 says, Those who cannot be trusted are on the road to ruin.    

There is a relationship between trust and happiness. The more people who trust you, the happier you are. If nobody trusts you, then you will become a very unhappy person.

And that is because trustworthy people are dependable, reliable, faithful, consistent. The type of people that everybody wants to deal with in life. Trust is important because it measures ‘credibility.’

The whole world of business runs on credibility. Every business deal is assessed on credibility. Before you are approved a loan with the bank, the first thing they do is assess your credibility by doing a “credit check.”

What is your ‘track record’ with making repayments? If you have an excellent credit history, there will be no problems with that loan. But if your credit history suggests you are unreliable, they will think twice before giving you anything.

And this is how all of life works – it’s not just the bank that is assessing your credibility, it’s every other person including God!

They are assessing whether you can be trusted. 

In the Kingdom of God, if you want or desire anything, if you are called or gifted for something, God is going to ‘test’ you first. It’s actually not a test for God, He knows everything, it is a test to reveal to others whether you can be trusted.

I’m a pastor today but it’s only because I passed all the tests earlier in my Christian walk.  And there were many of them.

  • Like always turning up and turning up on time.
  • Being consistent and committed to anything I was asked to do, i.e. set up; worship team; youth ministry.
  • When I was invited to speak, I was always prepared; I did my preparation, I invested the hours even if it was just a short 15–20 minute talk. 
  • I rehearsed my talk so my thoughts were clear and my communication precise.
  • I didn’t just seek to be given opportunities, I invested my time and money to give to others.

Paul trusted Timothy like a father his own son. And that’s because Timothy invested his life to the service of Paul. He was always at the prayer meeting. Always at church. Always at the team and leader’s meetings. He never missed one. If you ever want to go anywhere with God, become the type of person your Pastor can trust.

Be at church. Be at the team and leader’s meetings. Be at the prayer meetings. Be consistent. That’s called being trustworthy.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


To be trusted, you need to become trustworthy.