Psalm 91:7 A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you.

The Bible is not just meant to be read but meditated upon, that is, digesting and declaring the truth of the Word over and over, again and again in your life.

And when it comes to the protection of the Lord, there may be no better passage to meditate upon than Psalm 91.

It says “a thousand may fall at your side”… they might be falling for all sorts of reasons - the flu, viruses, fever, pollution problems – but it says “it shall not come near you”!

It continues by saying when things are getting worse, it’s now ten thousand that are falling to all these epidemics – but the Word of God remains unchanged, stating, “it shall not come near you”!

In Ezekiel 37:3-4, God placed the prophet into a valley of dry, bones and He said: “can these bones live”?  God then said, “speak to these dry bones”

What God is saying to the prophet and to you is, “Don’t talk about what you can see, talk about what I say”. Another way to say this is, “stop describing your problems and start declaring God’s promises”.

This is called the Word of Faith!

It’s declaring what God’s Word says about you rather than declaring what might be happening around you. And when everybody else is coming down with sicknesses, don’t declare in fear: “Oh no I’m going to get sick because everybody else is”.   No, this is the time to declare Psalm 91:7 “…it shall not come near me”!

Faith in God’s Word is what activates the power of God in your life through His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was hovering over the waters of the earth and when God spoke, that’s when the Holy Spirit acted upon God’s Word. (Genesis 1:3) This is the spiritual principle in the Kingdom of God: The Holy Spirit acts upon the ‘declared’ Word of God. Jesus gave you this authority when He said the keys to the kingdom of God have been given to you.

Don’t shrink back in fear when thousands are falling at your side and ten thousand are falling at your right side. Believe that God has your back – that you stand under the shadow of the Almighty and He will protect you and deliver you in your day of trouble!

Even if there are generational diseases that are inherent in your family line, boldly make a declaration to that generational disease “it has no right to come upon me in Jesus' Name”!

Even if you have made mistakes in your past, Christ has set you free from all condemnation and you can boldly and confidently declare “it has no right to come upon me in Jesus' Name”!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Break the power of curses, because Jesus broke its power upon the Cross and gave you authority over it!