Jeremiah 32:27 Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

We serve a God who can do the impossible.

But what is the greatest, most impossible thing that God has done? It’s actually sending His Son, Christ, to the Cross to pay the debt for humanity’s sin. The devil knew he had humanity trapped. He knew God was holy and therefore He would be eternally separated from the most precious thing He ever created.

But what the devil was unable to see was the magnitude of God’s love – it was so great that He would allow His Son to take humanity’s sin upon Himself. (John 3:16)

So the greatest miracle God has ever done is the salvation of humanity. It involved rescuing people out of eternal damnation and into eternal life. And if God is able to do that then why do you think He cannot:

  • Heal your sick body
  • Save your struggling marriage
  • Redeem your wayward child
  • Deliver the addict

None of these things are too difficult for God because nothing is too hard for Him.

Now even though things might appear too hard for you and me, that’s where we have to go to faith and see the bigness and greatness of God. It’s about having faith in a big God rather than trying to make your faith bigger so you can believe God. It’s not about the greatness of your faith but the greatness of your God. Big faith is actually just seeing God bigger! That’s it!

I’ve seen God doing the impossible for over 25 years.

He has healed blind eyes through my hand; He has healed a boy born a cripple with my prayer. At the time I was just doing what my pastor told me to do but that’s all I had to do. I’ve seen God transform the life of the addict as I walked with them day-by-day. There are people who have been cured of cancer simply by reading and believing these Daily Devotions.

Over time as the list of testimonies grow, I not only read about the greatness of God through the Bible, I actually begin to experience the greatness of God in life.

And God wants this to be the testimony of your life too. He wants to personally say to you “Is anything too hard for me”?

Dare to believe and step out in faith. It only needs to be a little mustard seed of faith because God is the One who is great. You don’t need to be great and you don't need great faith for God to reveal to you that nothing is too hard for Him!

God has already given you the greatest miracle – Salvation. Don’t stop there, let it be just the beginning.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


God says, “Nothing is too hard for Me”.