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Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.

There are probably more locked gates in Hong Kong than anywhere. Every place seems to have a gate which is securely locked making sure you don’t pass through unless you have the password or security code. And you are regularly reminded to keep these codes safely protected.

There are also some powerful gates when it comes to accessing breakthrough in the Kingdom of Heaven but the “password” is publically declared right here in Psalm 100:4 – it’s “thank you”.

Thanksgiving is the password of prayer in God’s Kingdom.

Jesus was constantly thanking the Father. He lived a life of thanksgiving. He always thanked the Father for what He had, and for hearing Him for the things that He asked for in prayer.

When Jesus was handed a little boy’s basket of five loaves and two fish, He didn’t look at His disciples and say, “Are you joking? How is that going to feed all these people?!” Rather, He took what little He had been given, looked to the heavens to thank His Father and witnessed an amazing miracle.

So the next time you look at your bank account, thank the Lord for what you do have even if it is very little. That’s your five loaves and two fish. When you sincerely thank the Lord as your Provider and Supplier, in spite of the little you have, and as you give out of your little, He can make it multiply, with leftovers!

The attitude of the world would have been to reject this little boy’s five loaves and two fish. But you should not be taking your lead from the world but from the Lord. Follow His example of thanksgiving and witness the power it releases in your life.

Even when Jesus faced the impossible He still turned toward His Father and thanked Him. When Jesus stood outside the tomb of Lazarus, He said: “Father I thank you…” Everyone else saw the situation as dead and hopeless, but Jesus simply looked to His Father and thanked Him that He heard His prayer.

You might have lost your job or your marriage may have ended in divorce. Sometimes people can allow these types of situations to make them bitter and cynical. But even in the midst of these hopeless situations, turn to the Lord and thank Him. You are not thanking Him for the bad problems, but you are trusting that despite these situations, the Lord will restore everything that was lost and more. Your next job will not just be a job, but a position that is rewarding as well as remunerating. Your next relationship will not be based on “what’s best for me”, but “God’s best for your life”!

Start by thanking the Lord for all you have and that He hears you when you are making your requests to Him. 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Thanksgiving is your password for prayer.