Ephesians 6:17 …put on the helmet of salvation

One of the keywords in the Bible is repentance. It’s through repentance of sin and acceptance of Christ, that we receive salvation from God.   

Now this word repentance gets a bad rap today. In the movies, it is always illustrated by a homeless man carrying a big apocalyptic sign – “repent for the end is at hand”… and the message it portrays is an extreme, weird person who is out of touch with reality and life. 

But the original word for repentance is a very positive and life-transforming word. In the Greek, it is “Metanoia” which means: “to change one’s mind”

Now that can be something as trivial as changing your mind about what color jacket you will wear today, all the way through to a transformational life decision like the prodigal son made. 

You can read about the story in Luke 15 where the younger of two brothers takes his share of the family inheritance and gambles it away on a lifestyle that leaves him penniless, alone and starving. It’s at this point that Luke 15:17 says he “came to his senses” and changed his mind. He repented – had a change of mind and instead of running away from his father, he went back to him. 

This reveals a lot about what is on your mind. 

This son got himself into trouble because of what was on his mind – pride, pleasure, possessions, and power. But what was on his mind was also what got him out of trouble – he repented (changed his mind). Instead of pride, he went to humility; rather than pursuing pleasure he showed restraint; he traded possessions for people and replaced power with purpose. 

The key to dealing with the mind is to tackle the “default settings” - the internal hardwiring of the mind that has been established over the years of life. There is only one tried and tested way and that's the Word of God. 

Paul says in Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

The prodigal son is a picture of living a life that is conformed to this world. But when he turned back to his father, that’s a picture of being transformed. And when it comes to you and I the power that transforms us is the Word of God. 

It takes humility to do this. It means you are choosing not to live a life as you please like the prodigal son, but in the same way, he turned and went back to his father, you are turning yourself towards your Heavenly Father and hearing, speaking and doing the Word of His Son – Jesus Christ. 

That’s how to put on the helmet of salvation – keep hearing, speaking and doing God’s Word. 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by God’s Word.