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Proverbs 23:7 “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

If I was to ask you what is holding you back from being the person God has called you to be; from accomplishing the dreams He has for you or from changing those things that you don’t like about yourself, many people would start listing all the “things” in their life like: 

  • People who have done things to them or what they might not have done; 
  • Events that have caused negative situations or prevented something good from happening; 
  • Financial situations that restricted or limited; 
  • Health conditions that have restricted or limited; 
  • A lack of education or opportunities. 

This list could continue and end up becoming very, very long. 

But the truth is these are not the “things” that are holding you back because there are many people who have experienced the same things that you might have, but it didn’t hold them back. 

The real issue is it's not the thing that holds you back, it's the way you think about the thing.  

Many of us haven’t stopped to think about the way we are thinking about things. If you want to have a life of courage; faith and victory, you need to train yourself to think in a certain way. There are some things you have to “pass over” and forget, and there are other things you have to start “picking up” and thinking about. 

Now you know how to do this because you do it every time you go to a banquet. When it comes to picking and choosing food, you know what you are going to “pass over” and what you are going to “pick up”. You are going to pass over all those fatty, greasy, sugar-filled food groups that are processed and filled with chemicals so you can pick up the yummy, organic, healthy, and delicious food types! 

It's the same when it comes to your thinking. You have to pick up the “good stuff” to think on and reject the “bad stuff” that is going to make you depressed, discouraged and condemned. 

In the same way, you are selective when it comes to food, be selective when it comes to feeding your mind. 

When you think this way, nothing is going to hold you back! 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Be selective when it comes to feeding your mind.