John 15:4 Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. 

In John 15 Jesus gives us a picture of “God the Gardener”. But often we want “God the Genie”, where God immediately does the things we want without us having to toil the ground, sow the seed, water, and harvest. 

Many people quit on God when their prayers are not answered or things don't happen when or in the way they want. 

But Jesus reveals to us the principles of the Kingdom operate like the principles of gardening. Fruitfulness will come, but not the day after planting a seed. If the seed is being sown into good soil, if the seed is being watered, if the seed is being protected, then the fruit will come. And it’s not just doing this once, it’s doing it consistently. Don’t just go to church every now and then, or pray only when a big issue arises. Establish consistency in your Christian walk. 

This is what Jesus is saying in John 15:4.

He says, “remain in me”. In fact, He doesn’t just say it once, but ten times in that chapter! Read it and count them for yourself. 

John 15 is right up there amongst the most insightful revelations Jesus gives us about God’s Kingdom and His mission on earth. 

First, He is talking about the power of “routine”. Being consistent is building routines into your life. You can make all the resolutions you want, but resolutions without routines, are like Ferraris without fuel - they will not go far. 

Secondly, don’t become discouraged when it takes “a while”. It’s going to take a while for an orchard to bear fruit and to become profitable. The harvests the Lord is cultivating within you will not appear overnight. It is going to take some time. Keep toiling the ground (prayer). Keep sowing seed (God’s Word). Keep watering (generosity in all areas).

Finally, Jesus wants you to produce fruit that will “last” (John 15:16). Jesus doesn’t necessarily talk about the quantity of fruit – He says I want fruit that lasts. What He is referring to needs to be read in light of John 15:4 – “remain in me”.  

When it comes to harvests, they are only as sustainable as their source. Likewise, your success is only as sustainable as your source. And my question to you is, "Who or what is the source of your success".

If you see your success coming from this world, i.e., employers, parents, or the economy, then your success has a finite date. But if you see Jesus as the source of all your success, then you can rest assured that success will follow you all the days of your life as you remain in Him

Jesus says, “I am the True Vine”. Take care, there are fake vines that will run dry. But when you remain in Jesus you will never run dry.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Your success is only as sustainable as your source.