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Proverbs 13:23 “Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor, and for lack of justice there is waste.”   

When this verse is applied to us, whoever does not cultivate their life by developing the potential within them into possibilities, is wasteful.   

It states that there is “much food” in the fallow ground of the poor. 

One reason people might be poor in talent or any specific area of their life is that they have left the ground in that area fallow. 

The fallow ground has not been cultivated by plowing, weeding, irrigating, sowing and harvesting. Because of a lack of good judgment or perhaps we are lazy in a given area, we waste what is within us. 

Cultivating your ground starts with your thinking.  

You need to believe and see a picture of what you can be in the future. It’s believing that God has deposited gifts and abilities within you. It’s seeing a vision in your mind (imagination) of something that you believe. It’s possessing a will to seeing it come to pass. “Will” is work. It takes work to cultivate the talent within us. So many people don’t fulfill their potential because they lack the basic disciplines that are necessary to cultivate their talents. In sports and the arts, people with God-given talents still need to work on developing that talent. 

Righteousness does not come through work, but your purpose will! God placed Adam in the garden and told him to cultivate it. The Bible often speaks of us like trees, as gardens that need to be cultivated. Everyone has gifts, abilities, experiences, possibilities that we can cultivate. 

The responsibility is upon us to position ourselves to cultivate the garden of our life. 

Brian Tracy said, “The average person works at 50% percent or less of their potential. Your job is to unleash that other 50%.” 

God doesn’t do the cultivating – you do. When you go to work and start cultivating your garden, God is the one that causes it to grow, to be fruitful and to produce fruit. God blesses you, bringing increase as you cultivate. God anoints you as you cultivate. God stands by His Word to perform what it declares in your life! 

How do you cultivate?   

Plowing – this is prayer.   
Weeding – removing wrong thinking, attitudes and mindsets.  
Irrigating – meditating, reading God’s Word, attending church, and seeking God’s Holy Spirit.   
Sowing – giving into God’s Kingdom, being generous, speaking words of faith over your life. 
Harvesting – blessing, favor and the goodness of God. 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


God doesn’t do the cultivating – you do. God brings the increase.