Genesis 26:12 Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold because the Lord blessed him.

Isaac wanted to leave Gerar and go down to Egypt because there was a famine in the land. But the Lord said to Isaac “stay where you are and I will bless you” (vs 3).

Often when we are in a time of famine – the first thing we want to do is to move, or leave or work things out from the natural. But Isaac heard the word of the Lord. If you will seek the Lord, especially during those famines and times of trial, you will hear the word of the Lord – you will hear His wisdom. The word of the Lord is the key to your success!

If the Lord says: “to stay” – stay, that’s where you will find success. If the Lord says “to go”, go – that’s where you will find success. The key is not to listen to people who are only looking to the circumstances – the external surroundings. Listen to people who are actually hearing the word of the Lord. One reason why many Christians make mistakes and perpetually go from one mistake to the next is that they are not listening to the right voices in their life.

So Isaac “stays” and look at the first thing he does – he plants crops in the land. In other words, he starts “sowing” even in the middle of a famine!

The natural default is to “withhold.” To be frugal and cautious – the economy is down; the markets are dead…so just hold onto what you have. But Isaac started sowing in obedience to what God said to him - he sowed where God had told him to sow and reaped a hundredfold.  

God is revealing something to you here and it speaks powerfully to us today especially when it comes to sowing into the Kingdom of God – the church. Verse 12 says Isaac was blessed by the Lord. His success came down to three things:

He heard God’s Word
He received God’s Word
He obeyed God’s Word

And it’s the same for you and I. This might sound simplistic but for you to actually walk in the Lord’s blessing (your inheritance in Christ), you too must do these three things that Isaac did.

First – be hearing the Lord’s Word. That means you need to be in church. It’s more than just reading God’s Word, it's hearing what God's Word is saying to you. Church is the primary place where you will hear God’s Word for you without personal preferences getting in the way.

Second – it’s receiving that Word. It’s not just about turning up to church. It’s receiving the Word of God and positioning your mindset and heart to receive it. Some people treat the Word like a banquet. They pick and choose what they want and don’t want. Don’t do this.

Thirdly – obey God’s Word. Isaac planted in a time of famine. What are you really being challenged by right now? Is it regular attendance? Serving? Giving? Forgiving? God’s Word is crystal clear about all of these. What mindsets have you established over the years; or what culture have you embraced, that is preventing you from obeying God’s Word?

Answer these questions and you will see the blessing in those areas of famine.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Isaac sowed where God had told him to sow and Isaac reaped a hundredfold.