Genesis 26:18 Isaac unblocked the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham…

Not everyone is going to like you being blessed. Like Isaac, other people became envious of his blessing and they asked him to leave and go somewhere else. This is not all that they did. They saw what the source of the Lord’s blessing was in his life so they “blocked” up those wells.

The enemy will always come to attack the blessing. And the way the Philistines attacked Isaac’s blessing was to start filling in all of his father’s wells. They blocked them up!

But look what Isaac does. He starts excavating – he unblocks those wells.

And here is the spiritual principle:

It’s in the “unblocking” of the well, that the blessing begins to flow.

This is an important metaphor in life. What is blocking the blessing from flowing in your life?

Medically when we are all “blocked up” – it might be because of our sinuses, we can’t breathe freely and we feel run down and tired.

In the world of sports, when the athlete is “blocked up” they have lost their flow; or rhythm.

Financially, it means cash flow is tightening up and something needs to happen to get that currency flowing again. 

The unblocking of our inner well – the living well – is important spiritually because you can be planting lots of seed; you can be doing a lot of sowing, but if your heart is blocked up – you won’t be fruitful.

Proverbs 4:23 says, Above all else guard your heart.  

Guarding your heart is a term that refers to protecting your heart from unforgiveness; hardness through setbacks or difficulties; negative or cynical mindsets; fear; unbelief.

Spiritually, being “blocked up” was described by Jesus in the Parable of the Sower in Mark 4. 

He described it in terms of our heart being blocked up with rocks and weeds that cause the Word of God to be unfruitful. This is where we need to do some excavating. Faith excavates and removes those rocks and uproots those weeds, which can include wrong attitudes; negative mindsets and worldly materialism.

What needs to be excavated from your life?

Notice that Isaac didn’t start digging new wells, he unblocked the old wells. The way people deal with disappointment and failure is to leave one thing or one place and try a new thing – in other words: dig new wells. But this doesn’t deal with the issues of the heart that are blocking up the living well from flowing.

Start today with excavating the well of your heart. Start with praise, thanksgiving; prayer and coming before the Lord daily. Excavate so the seed of God’s Word can become deeply planted in the soil of your heart.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Excavate with praise, thanksgiving and prayer – daily.