Philippians 3:1 Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord!

There are so many things in this world that can bring you a sense of joy and happiness and many of them are legitimate things that the Lord wants you to enjoy. The day you finally walk down the aisle and say “I do” is a day of rejoicing. The birth of a child is a great day of rejoicing. Graduating from school or university and getting your first job, is a day of rejoicing.

So these are all good things in your life that even bring great joy to the Lord – but the Apostle Paul reveals the one, unfailing foundation that will bring sustained joy in your life – is the joy of the Lord. 

He says “finally” – in other words, this is the source of joy above all sources of joy!

Romans 15:13 says Now may the God of Hope fill you with all joy…as you trust (have faith) in Him.

There is nothing in this world that can fill you to overflowing with “all joy” except for the God of Hope. His joy is unquenchable, it’s everlasting and is without limits. Any joy you can receive from the world will always be limited and have a defined useful life. But the joy that comes from the God of Hope is an everlasting well of joy that can sustain you throughout life.

One of the reasons for this sustainable joy is because of what Hope in the Bible really means…

Hope is “a positive or confident expectation that something good is going to happen.” 

And this is where faith and joy are related. It doesn’t matter what negative circumstance might be occurring around you, you can continually carry a spirit of faith and joy because your Hope is not in or from yourself, it's from the God of Hope.

This is why great men of faith in the Bible were also full of joy even in the midst of the most trying of circumstances…

  • Think about the life of Joseph, enslaved, falsely accused and imprisoned, yet joyful
  • Daniel was thrown into a lion's den, yet still rejoices in the Lord
  • The three Hebrew men were thrown into a fiery furnace, yet were joyful

It's the same when it comes to the great men and women today who are spiritual leaders in the kingdom of God – their consistent lifestyle of joy is not something they are trying to do, but simply remaining in faith will naturally cause joy and a positive spirit to rise up within you!

Be a person who continually rejoices in the Lord by simply remaining in faith!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Remaining in faith causes you to remain in joy.