Hebrews 5:12 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food.

Possibly one of the most widespread and persistent obstacles to be found among Christians is the dilemma of stunted spiritual progress. Why, after years of being a Christian, do so many people find themselves no further along the path than when they first believed?

The causes of stunted Christian growth are many. To oversimplify and narrow it down to any one single fault would not be accurate but there is one, however, that is so universal that it could easily be the main cause – failure to cultivate a knowledge of God. 

The writer of Hebrews above is stating that there are many Christians who should have now progressed to a place where they are teaching the solid ‘meat’ of God’s Word, yet they are still in need of ‘milk’ themselves. In other words – they are still spiritual babies. 

Why is this important? It’s because your knowledge of the Word of Christ is what produces faith (Romans10:17), which is essential for everything (Hebrews 11:6).

A Christian is strong or weak in faith, depending on how attentive they have been to cultivate a knowledge of God, and more specifically, revelation knowledge of who they are in Christ. Progress in the Christian life is equal to the personal revelation we gain about God through His Scriptures.

I once read a story about a farmer whose spiritual life had suddenly blossomed until there was an overflowing of God’s presence in his life. Many in the small farming community recognized the change in his life and personally sought spiritual counsel from him. When asked what was the cause of this spiritual revival he replied:

“I began to devote myself to the Scriptures for my own need. Something happened when God opened my spiritual understanding as I studied the book of Ephesians. I cannot really explain what the Lord is doing for me and through me, but it has come through persistent meditation and feeding upon the Word of God.”

Commentaries and Christian books are a great resource and I use them. But there is no replacement that comes close to reading the actual Scriptures to feed your spirit and meet your needs. 

It’s not about trying to fulfill a devotional plan, or to read the Bible in a set time – often this causes the reader to lose why they are reading the Bible – it’s about reading the Scriptures for your own personal gain. That’s when the Word comes alive and fills your life! 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Read the Bible to first feed upon the Word of God and then faith, knowledge, and understanding will come.