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Romans 5:20 Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound.  But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.

Sin cannot stop Grace.  It is not more powerful than grace – but rather, grace always overcomes sin.

Paul revealed that when sin abounds, grace abounds much more.  This means:

  • Whenever you come across a person whose background is far worse than anything you have imagined or dealt with, the grace of God will abound much more and can bring saving redemption into that person’s life!
  • Whenever society degenerates or the corruption of sin is so entrenched into its foundations, the transformational power of grace will abound much more to bring transformation to societies and cities!
  • Whenever a Christian believer backslides and falls into sin, that person does not actually fall from grace, but they fall into grace!  They will always be welcomed back to God when, like the prodigal son, they turn and come back to Him.

Now, when a person falls back into sin, this does not mean that sin is inconsequential – God is so holy, that sin cannot exist in His presence.  Sin is also destructive and ultimately kills (John 10:10).  So grace is not saying we have been given a free pass to sin.  No.  Grace is all about Jesus redeeming humanity and becoming our righteousness – Grace is about being saved from sin!  Grace is more about becoming “righteousness conscious” – the more conscious we are in Christ, the more of His righteousness we will walk in.  The less conscious of who we are in Christ, the more ignorant and thus vulnerable we are to the work of sin which destroys lives, relationships, families, societies, and nations.

The only thing that can wash away sin is God’s grace, through the blood of Christ.

In fact, it is when you are in His grace that sin has no dominion over you (Romans 6:14).  It’s when you see that Christ has removed and washed away sin, the power of sin over you is removed because you are no longer condemned, but redeemed.

The spiritual battle you need to engage in, however, is the battle that occurs in your mind. 

Sin will try to remind you that you are condemned and not worthy of God and those wrong thoughts, wrong words, wrong behaviors from yesterday or last week can obstruct your mindset, and a wrong mindset will prevent God’s favor and blessing in your life.  That’s where you need to remind yourself continually that it’s through Christ and Christ alone that you are forgiven, righteous and can now enter with boldness into the throne room of grace.  It’s through Christ that you are already highly favored and blessed.

Sin does not and cannot overcome God’s grace.   Grace is bigger, deeper, wider and higher than sin.  You must start seeing yourself in this grace, in Christ’s righteousness, blessed as a child of God.  Carry that mindset (Romans 8:5).  That is how you will see all the blessings of God being manifested in your life.  It’s not about being told this by the preacher, it occurs through you believing it for yourself!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Know for yourself, who you are in Christ and what His grace has done for you.