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Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.

God’s grace is the undeserved, unearned, unmerited “favor” of God.  And because it is undeserved and unearned, everyone qualifies for God’s grace.

There are many great truths in Ephesians 2:8, but one that I want to highlight is the phrase “and that not of yourselves.”   

Unlike the Old Testament, everything in the New Testament is: ‘dependency upon God and not yourself.’  And when it comes to faith, you must learn to direct your faith away from yourself – away from what you think you can do and towards God – specifically, God’s Grace.

If you want to see all the promises of God becoming a ‘reality’ and not just something you have ‘read,' you cannot become dependent upon yourself. Why?  Because you are depending upon what you can do rather than upon what God’s grace can do.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood is an excellent illustration of this (Matthew 9:20-22).

She didn’t start saying to herself:“I must have faith… I hope I have enough faith… I declare I have faith…I will not lose faith… In the name of Yahweh I have faith…”.  No, she wasn’t trying to build up her level of faith through self-motivation, she was only conscious of one thing – the grace of Jesus.  All she could see was Jesus going around and healing the sick, raising the dead and how willing He was to do this for anyone.  He didn’t select only certain people or those who gave to His ministry or did something for Him – He healed “anybodies” and “nobodies.”

So this woman saw the grace of Jesus toward people, put her faith in that grace and simply said:“If only I can touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed.”  And when she pushed her way through the crowd, stretched out her hand and managed to just grasp hold of His garment, even for just a moment – the healing power of Jesus came rushing into her body!

Can you see what I can see?

This woman was made whole simply because she put her faith in the grace of Jesus.  When the woman saw God’s grace, God saw her faith.  And this is the powerful truth behind faith.  It’s just believing that God is a gracious God and He wants to heal you; He wants to provide for you; He wants to deliver you from the controlling, enslaving rule of the devil; He wants to set you free from fear and condemnation.

All you have to do is put your faith in the grace of God, and when you see His grace, God sees your faith!

Ephesians 2:8 says“For by grace you have been saved through faith…”.

As soon as an unbeliever sees the grace of God and realizes that God loves them, God sees their faith and BOOM! – they accept what Jesus did for them on the cross, and they are powerfully transformed into sons and daughters of God!

Today, don’t become conscious about your faith and whether you think it is strong enough,  – just look to the grace of God and how willing He is to heal you, provide for you, protect you, forgive you; promote you and prosper whatever you put your hand to!  Amen.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


When you see God’s grace, He sees your faith!