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Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Are you facing a challenge right now that is looming over your life, it might even be overwhelming you. 

What you need to understand is God’s standing invitation that’s already been given to you.  We all love invitations, but you have personally received an invitation from God to come into His throne room of grace.  Not just come, but to come “BOLDLY.” 

God says “come,” “run,” “burst through the gates” into His throne room and receive His mercy and grace.  That grace heals, forgives, washes away, provides, strengthens, especially in your time of need.

The phrase “help in time of need” means when circumstances are pounding against you!

  • You might be struggling with temptation
  • You might be oppressed and attacked in the workplace
  • You may have received an adverse health report
  • You might have a financial shortfall looming

God’s grace comes in the form of “self-control” over that temptation, “vindication” in the workplace, “healing” for that sickness and “provision” for that shortfall.

But what is being replayed over and over in your mind is this – “But I’ve made mistakes, I did this, I did that, and that was only in the last week… how can I come boldly into God’s throne room?”

This is where you have to train your mind to become RUTHLESS in your thinking and understanding:

  • You can come boldly ‘not based on what you did or didn’t do, but based on what Jesus has already done.’ 
  • You can come boldly into the throne room of God ‘because it's by the sacrifice of Jesus' blood and not because of your sacrifice’ – that's what gives you access. 

You don’t have to be afraid of sin and what you have or haven’t done in the past because Jesus' blood has washed away all that sin.  Jesus' blood provides you with redemption and the identity as a child of God.  Jesus' blood causes you to be a partaker of the inheritance you have received in Christ Jesus.

Whenever you have missed the mark, God says, “Don’t worry, My Son has already hit the mark for you”!  Whenever you do fail, God doesn’t come at you with a disappointed look on His face, He comes and offers you His mercy and grace.  The enemy will be throwing disappointment and condemnation, and that’s where you have to be RUTHLESS and understand the redeeming power of God’s mercy and grace.  “Mercy” means you don’t get the things that your sinful nature deserves – but “Grace,” says you will receive the good things of God – protection, favor, anointing, success and the life of God!

When you come boldly into the throne room of God, it is a declaration that you know who you are in Christ, you know what you have been redeemed and set free from, and you know what your inheritance in Christ is.  That’s why you will find grace!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


God has a standing invitation of grace that enables you to find mercy in your time of need!