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Luke 10:41-42 And Jesus answered, “Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken from her”.

Jesus observes two sisters.  One hurries around attending to the everyday necessities and busyness of life.  The other draws back from this world of activity and quietly positions herself at the feet of Jesus, and listens.

Jesus says to Martha: there are many activities to life, but one thing is needed, one thing is paramount, one thing is a priority – and your sister Mary has chosen that one thing.

Jesus and His Kingdom is the “One thing” (Matthew 6:33).

These two sisters are an interesting metaphor on life.  The truth is, “both” are required – it is not an “either/or” but one does need to be prioritized before the other.

  • We need “Martha” – You need to attend to all the everyday matters of life: you need to eat, drink and sleep; you need to wash, maintain hygiene and health; you need to work, save and pay taxes; you need to clean, organise and maintain; you need to plant, build and reap.
  • But you need to prioritize “Mary” – Plan and prioritize time to withdraw, meditate and pray; to worship, fast and pray again; to read the Word, serve and keep praying; to dream, envision and yes pray some more.

These are “two sisters” in life… both necessary, but understand their order in life.

Often, we overlook the importance of prioritizing “Mary” because “Martha” is louder, demanding your time and demanding it now.  “Martha” consumes your world with the “busyness” of life and everyday activities that distract us from the truly important things in life. 

This can make us rich in worldliness but very dry and poor spiritually. We lose touch with God and fall into the lifestyle of the masses.  Peace, joy, and love are replaced with worry, fear, and self-interest – life loses its purpose and we lose our happiness.

Jesus is not saying you need to spend your life always at His feet like a monk.  What He is saying is to plan and prioritize time every day, intentionally carve time out of your schedules and calendar for Jesus – to pray, to read His Word and to meditate upon what God is revealing to your spirit.

Understand the role of these “two sisters” in life, neglect neither.  Build a healthy balance into every day – attending to “Martha”, but giving priority to “Mary”, noting Jesus' words…

“Martha, you are troubled by many things.  But one thing is needed...”.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Martha you are worried and troubled…
but Mary has chosen that good part.