Exodus 14:15-16 And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me?  Tell the children of Israel to go forward.  But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it…

What I really like about this text is where it is located.  It’s right back there in the Old Testament, even before the Law of Moses came into force. 

Look at the authority and power that Moses possessed…

God is telling him, stop crying out to me like a six-year-old child crying out to his father, stop describing the problem and start speaking to the problem in front of you!

God has empowered Moses with a rod.  That was all the power and authority he needed.

The “rod” is a picture of God’s “Word” in the Scriptures.   That rod is the “Name of Jesus”!  And as Moses lifted up that rod and stretched it forth over the waters, they were going to be separated.

The message for you and I today is what are you lifting or exalting the “Name of Jesus” over in your life? 

If you are sick, are you lifting up the Name of Jesus as a higher authority over that sickness daily?  If you are in financial distress, maybe you need a job – are you lifting up the Name of Jesus as a higher authority over that lack on a regular daily basis?  If you are feeling ashamed, condemned or guilty, are you lifting up the Name of Jesus as a higher authority over that condemnation daily?  If you are down and depressed, are you lifting up the Name of Jesus as a higher authority over that downcast spirit on a daily basis?

The truth is, the Name of Jesus is a higher authority than anything in this world (Phil 2:9), but you need to be declaring that truth every day – that means daily.  Do you pray daily?  If not there's your real problem.

God rebuked Moses because he wasn’t operating in the full authority that God had given him.  And many Christians need the same rebuke – start operating in the authority Christ has given you by simply praying – every day!

Now in this text, God had already answered Moses' prayer even before he began to pray.  It was that rod in his hand.  And the answer to your problem is also within your reach – it's called the Word of God.  But it's of no use if you are not declaring it over your problems.  That is how God powerfully acts upon your behalf.  It is His Word coming out of your mouth!

There is a time to cry out to God and seek Him – and there is a time to use your authority.   And as you command “in the Name of Jesus” daily over your problems, you will see your problems dividing and you will walk through your obstacles and hindrances.  Amen!

God told Moses to “go” in the authority He gave to him and He is telling you to “go” in the authority He has given to you. 

Jesus tells the church“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and earth.  Go, therefore … (Matthew 28:18-19)

So go in the authority of Jesus' Name and be decisive, consistent and repetitive in your prayer life!


Pastor Wayne Simpson


Go in the Name of Jesus and be decisive.