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Habakkuk 2:20 But the Lord is His holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him.

Habakkuk is a great book of the Bible when it comes to vision. Chapter 2, verse 3 talks about waiting for the revelation of the Lord. It “awaits an appointed time”. It says: “though it lingers, wait for it, it will surely come”.

That revelation is the Word or the Vision of the Lord.

Our temptation is to run ahead or rush into our own thing that we have thought of, but this will only be our downfall. It can be a struggle to just wait and do nothing. We don’t even like to wait a few minutes for the traffic lights to change or for the train to arrive! But to wait and receive the Lord’s revelation, the Lord’s way, in the Lord’s timing, is more important than anything and everything man can do.

Whenever you are waiting for the Lord’s revelation – “prayer” is your answer.

So much of your prayer life involves: “Waiting”. Just waiting on the Lord, praying, giving Him the honor of your time, at the breaking of a new day. That alone is going to command the Lord’s attention upon your life. Billions of people wake up every day and rush off to do their things. Even many who claim to know God seldom prioritize their time to Him. So when someone does pause, stop and wait on the Lord, it catches His attention!

Habakkuk 2:20 says “Let all the earth keep silence before Him”.

Humanity today is probably the busiest that God has ever observed. Modern wisdom seems to be: ‘if we are not busy running in a circle breathing down the back of our own necks, we are not effective’. We have to be seen to be doing something! But how can you find time to just think, if you are always active? And for the Christian, how can you ever hear the Lord’s quiet, still voice, if you are always busy?

Jesus said to the disciples ‘stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high’. (Luke 24:49) That’s what prayer does – it clothes you with power.

This is the power of the Lord that makes you effective.

Remember, your times of prayer do not need to be filled with activity like a fluttering butterfly, driven by a long list that you need the Lord to accomplish. Rather, soar and glide like an eagle seeking the Lord, waiting on the Lord - giving your time, your attention and your tongue to the Lord in prayer. Spend time every day just praying in the power of the Holy Spirit – let the Spirit of God lead your prayer life and watch what happens!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Let the Spirit of God lead your prayer life and watch what happens!