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Genesis 26:12 Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold because the Lord blessed him.

Isaac wanted to leave Gerar and go down to Egypt because there was a famine in the land and Egypt (a picture of the world) looked so much “greener”. But the Lord said to Isaac to stay where he was and He would bless him.

Often when we are in a time of famine the first thing we want to do is to move, or leave our jobs for something bigger or better. Now it might look better in the natural, but what you need to assess is whether it a better move in the spiritual? Will it weaken you spiritually because you are walking away from the true source of blessing and provision, where you are being fed God’s anointed Word.

Isaac heard the Word of God and remained where he was. If you will seek the Lord, especially during famines and whenever the world presents you with an offer that looks “too good to pass over”, you will hear His wisdom.

If the Lord says: “to stay” – stay, that’s where you will find success. If the Lord says “to go”, go – that’s where you will find success. But remember, the “go” will always be accompanied by a church that will feed you spiritually. (The one time this is not the case, is usually when you are called to plant that church!)

So Isaac stays and the first thing he does is plants crops in the land. In other words, he starts sowing even in the middle of a famine!

God is revealing something to you here and it speaks powerfully to us today especially when it comes to sowing into the Kingdom of God, the church. Genesis 26:12 says that Isaac was blessed by the Lord. His success came down to three things:

First, he heard the Lord’s Word. It’s more than just reading God’s Word, it's hearing and feeding on God's Word. God’s Word is how Jesus feeds you. He nourishes you and fills you up. That is why the Church exists, so you can be hearing and feeding on God’s Word weekly.

Second, he had a receiving heart. Some people treat the Word like a buffet. They pick and choose what they want and don’t want. Don’t do this. Receive whatever is being served to you each week.

Thirdly, he acted on God’s Word and began sowing in that land of famine. Where is God speaking to you right now through His Word? The Lord is your Shepherd and He will guide you through His Holy Spirit.

It’s not about you trying to do everything the Word says to do, this is impossible to do. Acting on the Word is looking to who the Word of God is... it's Jesus. He is your source and your supply of not just His righteousness but everything in this life!

Seeing Jesus as your source and supply is the key to prospering in times of famine as Isaac did.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Seeing Jesus as your source and supply is the key to prospering in times of famine.