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1 Corinthians 2:5 “..that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God”.

Make a decision early in your Christian life to put your faith in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men (i.e. the world).

So often we’ll put our faith in our job, our possessions, our bank accounts, our leaders, our parents, our bosses. Whatever you think is going to bring provision or success in your life – that’s where people often put their faith.

But Jesus says to put your faith in Him because He is the True Vine (John 15:1) – His power redeems, delivers, heals and provides! Everything the world offers are just fake vines that offer so much but deliver so little.

It’s important not to confuse the fruit of provision with the source of provision. Jesus, the True Vine is the source.

Focusing on the fruit of provision like your job or your wealth is being short-sighted, carnal or worldly and is stepping back into the lost position you had before coming to Christ. But in Christ, you will discover He is your true source.

Hebrews 12:2 says, ‘Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.’ It begins with Jesus and it ends with Jesus. Don’t add your own gospel or works into the perfect, finished work of Christ.

Faith in the grace and goodness of God will accomplish and fulfill all you need for your life. When you see God’s grace, that’s when you can step out in faith. We never step out into anything blindly. Jesus' goodness and mercy are what we fix our eyes firmly upon every time we take a step of faith.

This is what Peter did. He wasn’t stepping out onto the water – he saw Jesus and stepped out on His Word “Come” (Matthew 14:29). He saw Grace walking towards him on the water. He heard Grace calling out to him to “come”. So Peter took a step of faith and got out of the boat.

What hinders you from stepping out in faith? Is it trying new things? We say: “I’ve never done this before.” Or fear of the unknown? Every new job and every new venture contains the fear of the unknown. Maybe it's past failures, which we all have. Or perhaps it's inconvenience. But let me encourage you to take your eyes off these things and fix your eyes firmly onto Jesus. Listen to Jesus. Just like Peter, see Grace walking towards you, see Grace calling you to come and then you will have all the faith you need!

As you see God’s Grace (Jesus), He sees your faith!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


As you see God’s Grace (Jesus), He sees your faith!