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1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Do you know there are millions if not hundreds of millions of Chinese people who have never been told: “You are a winner!” “You are a champion!”

I am amazed at how many people who have attended our church and commented on how encouraging the messages are. 

Many of them say that it is not a part of the Chinese family culture to be encouraged. Rather, they are scolded if they do not achieve expectations in the family, school and work environments. As a consequence, there are generations of people growing up who are starving for encouragement and approval.

These people are craving for someone to speak blessing over their lives and this is not only a great opportunity but an important role of believers today. 

The believer, who has been blessed with every blessing in Christ Jesus, should be the most secure, steadfast and confident person on the planet. And in the same way that God declared Abraham would be blessed to be a blessing to the world (Genesis 12:2), as His seed, we are also blessed to be a blessing.

When you bless people through your words by affirming them, encouraging them, valuing them and telling them that you are proud of them, they often progress to exceed everyone’s expectations. When we speak these words over people it is as though God is the one who is building them up.

Often when you talk to many successful people, they will always tell you about somebody who believed in them. Somebody planted a seed of encouragement within them and continued to water that seed.

Henry Ford was encouraged by Thomas Edison. He was first introduced to Edison as “the man trying to build a car that runs on its own fuel”.  When Edison heard this his face lit up and he slammed the table with his fist declaring “You’ve got it!” “A car that has it's own power plant; that’s a brilliant idea!” Up to that point in time, no one had thought or said it was a good idea. Ford had almost convinced himself to give up, but Edison’s encouraging words were the fuel that kept him going!

What seeds of encouragement are you sowing into the lives of people that God has positioned in your world – family, neighbors, work colleagues?

As a starting point, begin encouraging the most important people around you – your family, co-workers and fellow believers! If you can begin to see them with the eyes of the Lord, you will start becoming a mouthpiece of the Lord speaking seeds of life, vision, and purpose into them.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Today, I will declare words of life and encouragement to my family, friends and work colleagues.