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3 John 2 Beloved, I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

John’s declaration is that you may prosper and be in health! What a positive declaration.

As a believer, God’s highest desire for you is that you will prosper and live a healthy, whole life just as you are prospering within the realm of your soul. The Apostle John not only reveals that the Lord’s heart is for you to have a blessed life, but he reveals that blessed life flows from the inside out. 

However, some people lock themselves into a survival mentality. They literally talk themselves into “survival mode” because everything in the world is so bad that nobody is going to make it. So bunker down and get ready for a rough ride! But in the same way, you can be talked into a “survival mode”, you can also talk yourself into a “thriving mode”!

Now I understand there are different seasons in life – seasons to sow and seasons to harvest. Sometimes the seasons are so tough, that the victory is that you are still standing! But remember you are not called to stay there. You need to carry an expectation that you have a thriving mentality. God will open new doors for you. The next season will be better than the last.

In the same way, God can take five loaves and two fish, bless them and then feed thousands of people, He can multiply your time, your talents and your treasure to help you get more done! He can exceed your expectation exponentially. He can multiply your wisdom, your favor, and the number of hands around you to help you get things done!

However, when the Lord is taking you to a new level, your opponent the devil can see what is happening and he will also go to work to bring discouragement into your life. He will try to make you believe that things are going backward – but if you will just dig your heels in and continue to trust the Lord, breakthrough, growth, and blessing will come your way during harvest time!

A survival mentality can keep you out of God’s very best. It can prevent you from stepping into God’s purpose for your life. You might be turning up to church and a connect group every week – but just say God’s purpose is for you to be leading that connect group! 

Go back to the top of this devotion and read that prayer of John over and over again and again. The Lord is revealing to you through the Word of God that He wants you to be wealthy and healthy. Now that wealth might look different for everybody. Wealth for me as a pastor is to carry the wisdom and anointing of God upon my life to impart the favor and goodness of God into the lives of others! But wealth for a Christian businessman whom God wants to use to get the gospel to a nation might be hundreds of millions or billions of dollars!

But for both of us, the key is to believe this prayer of John.  

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Today, I declare that I will not settle for a survival mentality, I will thrive and prosper despite what setbacks come my way.