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Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

Isn’t it amazing that God actually has a plan for your life! We love it when a leader has a plan and a strategy because it creates power, purpose and enables us to prioritize our resources accordingly. But God also has a plan and it is a plan that will prosper you giving you a hope and a future!

This is the good work of God that you want to be declaring over your life. You might not even know what the plan of God is. You might only have an inkling of what it might be. There might be dreams and desires in your heart and you are wondering are they the plans of God for my life?

But the truth is you don’t really need to know all the details – all you really need to be doing is declaring this scripture over your life and believing that God will bring it to pass, whatever happens in your life.

Jesus said in John 6:29 “This is the work of God, to believe in the One he sent”.

The key to walking in the good work of God is simply to believe God will bring it to pass. It is believing in the One God sent. In Christ, you will find every good and perfect gift of God. In Christ, you will find every spiritual blessing that belongs to you. In Christ, God provides for all your needs. Regardless of where your life is at or what might be happening, if you can just believe and trust Him, I can say with all confidence, the plan of God will come to pass.

This was the story of Joseph’s life.

God reveals a plan and a purpose to him in a dream. It was vague and contained no specific details. Joseph’s life then seemed to go from bad to worse. He was left for dead in a pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape and imprisoned. Forgotten. But then the gift that God had given him, catapulted him at just the right time into the highest place. He became the Prime Minister of Egypt!

And it will be the same with your life. Even though you might be experiencing all sorts of trials, tests, and difficulties and you may not see the hand or purpose of God at work anywhere in your life – neither could Joseph. But he simply believed God and that's all you have to do. Keep believing God year after year. Regardless of what happens to you or around you, your faith and trust will one day be rewarded because suddenly, everything will start happening! It all seemed to happen in a day for Joseph. One day he was in prison, the next he was in the palace.

Believe that you are called by God. Believe that you are anointed by God. Keep believing when you face trials and go through tough times. Keep believing when you stumble and fall. Brush yourself off and keep believing. God will fulfill His plans and purposes in your life if you keep believing.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Today, I declare and believe that every good plan and purpose of God shall be fulfilled in my life.