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Psalm 30:5 For His anger is but for a moment, his favor is for life…

Our view on life is so important. It affects everything. How we see and interpret things. How we respond and behave in life is all determined by our “view” on life.

If you walk outside with red-lensed glasses, everything will have a shade of red. If you always kept these glasses on, you would be viewing and interpreting the entire world differently from everyone else, but you will think your view is right, when in fact it’s wrong.

It’s the same with your “view” on life, or your perspective on life. The Bible says the “eyes are the window to the soul” meaning, if we have hurts, issues, offenses or anything that can cause our view to be blurred, cracked or distorted, we are not going to interpret and view things correctly.

I love this comment made by King David: ‘God’s anger is but for a moment, but His favor for life.’

David had one of the best ‘views’ out of anyone in the Bible. That’s why God said he had a heart after God’s own heart. David was able to see things from the perspective of God’s heart. God is gracious, kind, just, merciful, forgiving, generous. He is overflowing with compassion, grace, and goodness.

So many people have the wrong view of God. They think He shows favor for a moment and is angry for life. People draw this conclusion from a variety of ‘isolated and one-off events’ such as:

  • Being adversely treated by one Christian – and this one person has disaffected their entire view of God.
  • Reading a statement by Jesus or from someone else in the Bible that looks too harsh or appears impossible to ever live up to in life. This one verse has disaffected their entire view of God.
  • Experiencing or seeing a tragedy that seems unexplainable.  This one event has disaffected their entire view of God.

But we are told to follow one person only – Jesus. Others will offend, fail and disappoint you. But Jesus never offends, never fails and never disappoints.

When reading the Bible, always read a verse, a paragraph or book of the Bible through the lens of faith, hope, and love. Always. Faith acts on what hope believes, and always through actions of love.

Tragic events and trials that cannot be explained. Go to God. Cry, shed your tears to Him in His presence and tell Him you are hurt, confused and you don’t understand. His Holy Spirit will comfort you. Trust Him to teach you. Forgive. Repent.

We need to ask and allow God to correct our view. The Word of God is our spiritual mirror. Allow it to wash over your soul and heal the blurred, cracked and distorted views that are disaffecting you with doubt, unbelief or bitterness. The more you look into that perfect mirror of God’s Word, the more your eyes will see things the way God sees them.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


View things through the lens of God's Word.