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Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 

Money is powerful. It has a powerful and influential pull on the hearts and minds of people. In many cities around the world, money, or the love of money is a great ‘stronghold’ over the lives of people.

People love money. Their lives are driven by money and the desire for more of it.

In Luke chapter 12, Jesus gives considerable time to communicating on matters related to money. He shares the parable of the rich fool, who is so wealthy that he invests much of his wealth into creating new, state of the art warehouses to hold all of his wealth. He then falls into the trap of being mesmerized by his wealth and what he has amassed over life. He thinks to himself, it’s now time to take it easy and enjoy what I have. But little does he know that his life is going to end that night! The Bible says how foolish it is to lay aside great wealth for yourself, and yet, not be rich toward God as well.

God is not against wealth. Some of the world’s richest men have been God’s greatest servants.

Jesus continues to talk about provision. He says. “Look at how God has provided for nature, like birds and the flowers of the fields. How much more are we worth to God than these?” In other words, don’t worry, trust God to meet your needs.

He then concludes with one of the most profound statements in the Bible –

“For where your treasure is there your heart is also.”

Most people read this incorrectly – they read ‘where your heart is there will your treasure be also’… meaning, what we are passionate about, committed to and what ‘tugs away’ at our heart is where we will send our money. But no! It’s the other way around. Wherever we put our money, that’s where our heart goes to!

Money doesn’t follow the heart, the heart follows money. 

That’s why it is SO important to bring our tithe into the House of God.  For our heart then follows it. Bringing our tithe into the House of God…

  • provides for the needs of Jesus' church,
  • displays your obedience to a command from God,
  • gives back to Him what actually belongs to him,

…but it also causes us to become rich toward God, unlike the rich fool.  

Giving to God positions your heart correctly to become a seeker of God and to walk in His goodness, mercy and favor. 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


All God wants is your heart. Giving out of your physical wealth releases your heart from the pull of the world and places it into the palm of God’s hands.