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Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…

Beep, beep, beep, beep…that’s the sound of my alarm going off early each morning when it’s still very dark. Everyone is still asleep. The concierge at the desk in the tower foyer has nodded off, the security guard at the gate to the tower estate has nodded off. I quietly open the gate and tip-toe past him so I don’t disturb his little nap.

I then arrive at my little park where I begin to pray.  

I’m always praying in the Spirit – the Holy Spirit. This is my heavenly language also called the gift of tongues. I start with this prayer because Romans 8:26 reveals it is the Holy Spirit Himself who is praying for me and through me. It doesn’t take too long for my entire spirit, soul and body to be “wakened” – usually about 10 to 15 minutes and then I can start to hear/feel the leading of the Lord in my prayer time.

I love to pray for my city - Hong Kong and for the nation of China. 

I sense a spiritual ownership and an authority to influence this city – that authority comes from Christ and He is the vision I have for Hong Kong.

I carry my Senior Pastor Phil Pringle’s vision for Hong Kong, a city for Christ. I see God’s glorious church rising in this hour. I see a church full of the power and presence of God transforming and impacting the city of Hong Kong. Transforming the market place, transforming residential communities, universities and schools, transforming the hospitals – transforming the rich and the poor.

Right now the god of Hong Kong might be numerous things, but one thing that does have a stronghold over Hong Kong is the god of mammon (money) and this is why we need to pray. To break the spirit and stronghold of money over this city – it starts by breaking the stronghold of money over the lives of believers – when disciples start tithing and resourcing the House of God, that’s when the church is positioned to go the next step and break down strongholds over the city.

Every nation and every city whose God is the Lord, is blessed as the psalm says above.  

Now is the time to call Hong Kong and China blessed. Now is the time to prophesy ‘China is a nation for Christ’. Now is the time of salvation in this great place. We need to declare those things which are not as though they are!

Romans 4:17 tells us that God calls, speaks to and prophesies over those things which are not, as though they were! If you want to prophesy, prophesy that! Now is the time for a mighty church to rise up, a mighty church that declares “now is the time for salvation in this city.” 

We need to see what cannot be seen. Look at China through the eyes of faith – and see its cities seeking the Lord God, calling upon the name of the Lord. Declare with your mouth what you see with the eyes of faith and it will one day come to pass!

Pastor Wayne Simpson


China, a nation for Christ.