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Psalm 34:1-2  ‘I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the LORD…’

The soul left to its own devices will never produce the desires of the heart. It will respond and react to the external world. If the day is going well, it will be glad and happy. If the day is not so good it will be discouraged and depressed. This formula will never deliver success.

We have to choose to be positive and joyful. We have to choose truth over facts. The facts are that the weather might be miserable, it might be cold and pouring down with rain, it might be hot and humid. Your business, career, job or family… might not be where we want them to be. But “the truth” is what the “Word of God” declares about our lives and this is what we need to choose to go to.

We are ‘more than conquerors in Christ’ (Romans 8:37); 

  • ‘we are over-comers in Christ’ (John 16:33); 
  • ‘we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us’ (Philippians 4:13); 
  • ‘thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph’ (1 Corinthians 15:57); 
  • ‘through God we will do mighty things for it is He who treads down all our enemies’ (Psalm 60:12); 
  • ‘God works in all things for good to those who love Him and are called unto His purpose’ (Romans 8:28).  

It’s amazing how just a couple of minutes of declaring the Word of God over our lives will begin to lift our soul!

David chose to bless the Lord at all times. He chose to praise God continually. He directed and instructed His soul to boast in the Lord at all times, not only when he felt like it!

The very thing that separates us from all of creation is that we have been given a ‘free will’. We are not purely instinctive like the animal kingdom. This ‘will’ sits in the zone of our self awareness. We can stand back and look at ourselves and decide there and then, whether we will be the master over our souls or whether we will let our emotions, feelings, desires and appetites dictate to us.  

Today, right now, is the time to choose to be the master over your soul, your feelings, your circumstances, your world. Speak to your soul. Speak to your feelings. Speak to your circumstances. Speak to your world!  

Yes, I know it feels awkward and even weird at first. But this is the way of faith and truth. This is how we govern our lives – through that little thing called the tongue. The same way a little rudder guides and steers the greatest ships through the oceans of the world, so that little tongue in your mouth will steer and guide your life through the storms of life, over mountains, through valleys and into the plans and purposes designed by God for your life.  

Get God’s Word on the tip of your tongue. Memorize those verses. Speak them out over your life and allow God’s word to transform your life and create your future for you. 

Pastor Wayne Simpson


What “promise” of God do you need to be declaring over your life today?