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Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. 

King David, the author of this psalm received the desires of his heart. He is the only person in the Bible whom it was said had a “heart after God’s own heart”. Meaning, the attitude, and desires of God’s heart were also found in David’s heart.

David became King of Israel. He defeated Israel’s enemies. When they attacked he was able to overcome them because God protected him from all his enemies. God gave him peace and blessing throughout his life and the nation of Israel prospered during his reign.

The secret to David’s success was that he delighted himself in God.

God was the priority of his life. He sought after God. He treasured God. He wrote hundreds of songs to God and discovered there was no better place than to be in the presence of God. He said one day in the presence of God was better than a thousand years elsewhere! (Psalm 84:10)

To delight yourself in God is to honour Him with all your life. 

It means to acknowledge Him, to commit your ways to Him, to put your trust in Him. It means to allow yourself to become passionate and focused toward the things that He is passionate and focused toward.

Delighting yourself in God also means to be delighted in God’s house. It's a place where you will feel God’s presence. It will bring you comfort, peace, security, joy, assurance and delight. It's a place to worship God, be taught the Word, to give generously and to fellowship.

King David said when you delight yourself in the Lord, He shall give you the desires of your heart. David experienced this, he lived it.  

God knows what you want because He placed those desires within you. He knows what will be best for you. He created you and gave you all your gifts and abilities. All you need to do is to consecrate them to God. This positions you under God’s favor and anointing and He becomes your guarantee in life.

Worldliness trusts only in self and uses everything for self. Many succeed but only end up destroying themselves in the process through broken relationships; addictions and depression.  

God rains down His blessing on the righteous and unrighteous the Bible says. Everything we have comes from God – water to drink, air to breathe, the sun, the stars – everything! That is why David delighted in God. He knew God was his source for everything in his life.

Delighting yourself in God is not something you do when things go your way. It’s a lifestyle. 

Many people are delighted when it’s their birthday; or payday; or a public holiday – their delight is linked to something. But to delight in God is to have a source of joy, hope and trust that is linked not to this world or circumstances, but to God Himself.  

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Today, let God be your delight.