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Philippians 4:6 (NLT) Never worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and thank Him for all He has done. 

Worry and not your Work is the real source of stress in your life. Many people say they are over-worked and their workplace is bringing a lot of stress into their life. But even though they might be over-worked, the real cause of stress is they are over-worried.

And this is despite the fact that God says ‘never worry about anything’! This might be the most difficult Scripture in the bible, or at the very least, one of the most difficult.

Look at these two words, never and anything. That covers just about everything. Are there any exceptions or exemptions when it is okay to worry? Not according to God.

This seems to imply that it is not impossible – it is impossible when you try to ‘never worry’ in your own strength – but when you do it with God’s strength, you can. Before I show you how to draw upon God’s strength, let me give you three reasons why God doesn’t want you to go to worry. It’s because:

1.  Worry is Unhelpful

In Matthew 6:27 Jesus says can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life’?  The answer is no, but it can subtract hours, even years of your life – it will send you to your grave prematurely.

2. Worry is Unnatural

Jesus draws your attention to nature in Matthew 6:26-28. His point is nothing in the natural world worries because it exists and functions by God’s natural laws of creation. So nothing in creation worries, except humans, who ironically are created in God’s very image. And because it is unnatural, it is the cause of illnesses and stress-related diseases.

3. Worry is Unnecessary

Jesus says in Matthew 6:30 that God ‘cares for you’. So it is entirely unnecessary as a Christian to worry. God promises to take care of all your needs if you trust Him. But many Christians don’t trust God, instead, they worry.

So how do I draw upon God’s strength, rather than trying to deal with worry through my own will power?

It comes through the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, and God’s Word. These disciplines train you to rely upon and trust in God. They are how you cast all your cares and anxieties upon Him. It doesn’t happen by popping a magic ‘spiritual pill’, it’s by spending time with God and seeking Him. That will absorb worry, fear, and anxiety from your heart like a sponge and replace it with the presence of God’s peace.

That peace of God is priceless. It cannot be bought because Jesus has already paid an eternal price for it. Just seek Him daily, and He will fill you with His peace by His Spirit.

Pastor Wayne Simpson


Never worry.