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Sunday, July 9 2017 - Habits” of the “Happily Married – Part Two| PDF | WORD


We live in a world that is becoming more and more unhappy, more and more divided and disagreeable.  This is not just on a national or political level, but on a personal and relational level too.

Ask the average individual, “If you wanted to be happy, where would you start?”  Most would respond with one or all of the following answers:

  • making more money
  • being more fulfilled in my job
  • finding a better place to live
  • improving my relationships

Many people naturally equate ‘happiness’ with a situation, circumstance or event in their life.  But the scriptures say something entirely different.  God’s Word teaches us that we can be happy - no matter what!

Over the next 8 weeks, we are undertaking a study of the book of Philippians...the Book of Joy - where we will unpack all of the great Habits that will show you how to create Happiness in your life!  If you are having struggles in your marriage or relationships, at work, at school or just life in general, then make a commitment to be at church each Sunday as we reveal week by week 'The Habits of Happiness'.

This series is powerfully practical and will relate to people of all preferences - church attender or not.  So, think of family members and friends who you know are struggling or unhappy in life and invite them along…everyone welcome!